Idea for FastCommander has been born out of frustration produced by using other file managers for OS X.

Some of them only imitate dual panel file managers. Some of them are ugly ported. Some are written in Java. I was always angry using them :)

But file manager is a system utility. It must be native and fast, not resource hungry and slow. Each operating system should have its own dual panel file manager created for this system exclusively. Only then, project like this can be extended, developed and tuned for specific OS requirements.

And second important thing is software usability. Utility is the kind of software, used many times daily. That's why it must be not only effective, but must look nice and must be fun to use. I don't like heavy tools with overloaded features and unreadable user interface. Simplicity is the key.

So, I have created file manager which I actually like to use on my Mac. I hope you will enjoy it too.


I am software developer who specialize in creating usable software with most known programming languages for many platforms.

I started my journey with Amiga, then worked on PC platform for years, programming for Windows, Linux and Android. Then, tired fighting with Windows and some Linux distros, I have completely switched to Mac.

This is the computer and OS I was looking for.

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